† Nhiko's Administrator Application †

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† Nhiko's Administrator Application †

Post  † Datguy X † on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:58 am

Steam name :
My current steam name is† Datguy X †.

RP Name :
My current roleplay name is Nhiko Zammohlka.

Steam ID :
My steam ID is STEAM_0:1:56640461.

Age :

I am 15 years of age.

Current Rank :
My current rank on the server is Moderator.

Do You Have A Mic :
I do own a microphone, it is a webcam, but it does do the job. As soon as i get money, i'll be buying a proper headset.

Can You Use ULX. Eg. !slay :
I have a great understanding with ULX, as i have used it multiple times for multiple things on multiple servers.

Past Admin Experience :
I have had past Administrator/Super/Owner experience on 3 servers. Two were DarkRP on was PostNuke. These servers names are/was, LifeMOD and OzzyGaming. The PostNuke server i recall being Something like "Fallout Post Apoc" or something along those lines. (I struggle to remember, as it was the first garrys mod server i played on and that was 450 hours of Gmod ago.)
I have been Administrator/Owner on many other types of games, including mainly Minecraft.

Why Should You Be Admin :
I think i should be an Administrator because i am respectful and mature. I always enforce the rules, and i always go out to fix those people who are causing problems and breaking the set rules of the server. I am an active player, and have played a Total of 604 hours of Garrys mod, which is the equivalent to 25 days. I am well known across the server community and have build positive friendships with both the staff members and players of the server.
I like to play on the server, and i like to enforce its rules, roleplay, and build friendships in the community.
I have enjoyed being a Moderator on the server, and i thought its time to step up my game and become someone higher ranked, and someone who is more respected, yet shows indefinite respect to others.

Thank you for reading my application.

All Appreciated,
Jordan (B2)

Free Gobbies will be given.

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† Datguy X †
† Datguy X †

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Re: † Nhiko's Administrator Application †

Post  Shane Sith #DontCare on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:27 am

He is a maga faggot but hes one of the best kinds of faggots so a big +1 good luck just a sure fire way to get higher is to give free gobbies to EVERYONE Razz

Shane Sith #DontCare

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Re: † Nhiko's Administrator Application †

Post  Diglett on Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:48 am



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Re: † Nhiko's Administrator Application †

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