Everyone's rank

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Everyone's rank

Post  Matryan on Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:50 pm

Hey guys,
as most of you are aware, all ranks (besides from donator) have been reset.
What happened was we had a lot of people with admin/moderator/etc that weren't active at all on the server so we thought we should make an announcement on the server to tell all the active moderators/admins that we were resetting everyone. The way that they had to get admin back was to simply re-apply before 10:00PM, 15th April 13, on the forums. We are very sorry to all the admins/moderators that lost their rank but even if you have lost your rank; still, stay with the community, help populate us, you may apply for your next rank later on.

Thank you for reading this small announcement,
@Administrators - feel free to edit this topic if you need

Matt (Garrett Johnson).


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