Carmine's Character Profiles

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Carmine's Character Profiles

Post  Carmine ☭ on Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:19 am

Yuri Gagarin:

"I see no God up here.."

Age: 28
Date of birth: Unknown (For RP reasons Razz)
Birthplace: Soviet Russia
Nationality: Soviet Russian (Russian)
Height: 1.57 m
Residence(s): Russia
Affiliation: Cosmonaut
Profession: Pilot, Cosmonaut


Vaas Montenegro:

"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"

Name: Vaas
Age: 27
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Rook Islands
Nationality: Rook Islander/Hispanic
Height: 5' 9"
Residence(s): Rook Islands
Affiliation: Pirates
Profession: Pirate/Slaver/Drug Smuggler
Sibling(s): Citra Talugmai


Vasily Zaytsev:
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Soviet Russia
Nationality: Soviet Russian (Russian)
Residence(s): Russia
Affiliation: Russian Sniper
Profession: Russian Sniper


In Remembrance of Vasily Zaytsev
Born 23 March 1915
Died 15 December 1991 (aged 76)

Alex Mason:

Edward "The Doktor" Richtofen - (Doctor if your not german :>)
Nationality's: German
Jobs?: Former group 935 member, he then went "missing" after the zombies destroyed most of Europe
Invented anything?: "The Raygun" and "The Thundergun" and "The Wunderwaffe"
Spotted anywhere?: Normally in the sewers of the town "Bangclaw" he can sometimes be seen up on land.
Crazy?: After he went through [CLASSIFIED] he started hearing "The Voices"
Gender: Male
Height: 6.5 ft

"(static) Entry 741021! Perhaps the station will hold the key to the real goals of Group 935. I still do not trust my unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me. But, I digress. Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel? How many stations does this group have? Where did that little girl disappear to? Only time will tell what new questions awaits us in this... THEATER OF THE DAMNED! (static)"

(You hear this in the room next door)

Nikolai: "AHHHHH I'm blind, I'm blind, in my eyes!"
Dempsey: "Holy shitballs, me too... What did you do Richtofen!?"

Richtofen: "I did nothing. Where's the light switch? Oh. I think I found a lever. Perhaps this will turn on the light."

Dempsey: "Ooh, AAH! Let go, that's.... not... a... LEVER! Richtofen!"

Richtofen: "Haha! Shhh! Did you hear that?"

Nikolai: "Uhh.. Sounded like someone outside. Hey, you! Hey! I need vodka!"

Richtofen: "Hello? Could you help us? There must be a blown fuse or something. It's dark in here."

(Takeo throws up)

Dempsey: "Oh man, that's wet."

Richtofen: "Hi Takeo, yeah, how you doing? You see all the puke? That we're picking up? You're not saying thank you? Nothing? You know why? Because you're a little shit."

Some of the new intros are copypasta from TFSA from my other intro Razz

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Re: Carmine's Character Profiles

Post  Matryan on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:04 am

Very interesting Carmine, it's good to see someone that's actually thought about their character(s) and put some effort and time into them.


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